ICO Triangle is an independent strategy consulting firm providing expertise in blockchain technology, fundraising, ICO/IEO/STO, and token listing.

Blockchain technology is shaping the future of asset management, through faster execution, free market exposure, and automated functions.

We help enterprises to leverage the possibilities smart contracts can offer to their business models.

ICO Triangle offers consulting services for the following blockchains: Ethereum, HyperledgerEOS, and TEZOS.

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Consulting Services – Extensive Support

  • Strategy & Finance

  • Whitepaper

  • Token functionalities

  • Token specifications

  • Token economics

  • Smart contract creation*

  • Smart contract audit*

  • Seed round

  • Token private sale

  • Token presale

  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

  • Token listing

  • Market making

*Services provided through trusted partners

ICO Triangle has an experienced team of finance, blockchain experts, and traders with a solid track record in smart contract consulting, token sale advisory, token listing, and token trading areas.

Beyond our commitment to providing high-quality work, we are results based advisors with a deep interest in visionary technologies which enable new business models and impact wider society.

Fund Raising

ICO Triangle assists the founders and boards of directors in raising funds through seed rounds, equity deals, token private sales, token presales, and token listings.

ICO Triangle cooperates with world’s largest crypto Hedge Funds and blockchain Venture Capital Firms in providing a variety of high-quality projects.

We conduct our own due diligence on token projects, build/review business plans and whitepapers, build/review presentations and pitch decks in order to provide customized guidance and strategy & finance recommendations prior to starting the fundraising process.

In addition, ICO Triangle’s founders have established press relation with over 200 Fintech media and leading publishers across the world to provide large coverage.