ICO Triangle is a token laboratory which incubates projects on EthereumEOSTRON, & TEZOSWe are a team of experts in Ethereum ERC framework and token architectures.

We prioritize innovative projects with high-level teams, solid technical added-value, and scalable business models.

ICO Triangle focuses on developing quality tokens with unique functionalities, in order to attract and retain value:

  • Utility tokens: distributed governance, Proof of Stake, holding levels, revenue share, price discount, airdrop

  • Security tokens:

    • Equity Instrument: progressive dividend & voting rights 

    • Lending instrument: dynamic interest rates & redemption rights

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ICO Triangle has developed proprietary algorithms to design sophisticated tokens with unique features in order to stimulate demand.

Our formulas and recommendations aim to reward and incentivize early and loyal investors based on the following:

  1. Volumes of tokens held

  2. Duration of holding

  3. Loyalty to the token

Our proprietary formulas allow to upgrade the holders’ levels and thus either their airdrop portion (utility tokens) or their dividend or yield rights (security tokens) in order to:

  • Foster long term investors

  • Decrease volatility

  • Limit “last minute” traders

  • Prevent Pump & Dump