Token Listing

ICO Triangle assists its clients with the token listing strategy, listing applications, and negotiation.

ICO Triangle collaborates with several global crypto exchanges. Working with numerous renowned exchanges increases the notoriety of the tokens and provides access to larger liquidity pools.

In addition, ICO Triangle collaborates with the leading Decentralised Crypto Exchanges (DEX).

Token Sale Proceeds

ICO Triangle has developed hedging strategies to manage the crypto proceeds from token sales.

We also recommend offering privileged conditions for investors investing using fiat currencies or stable coins, saving the cost of hedging.

Market Making

ICO Triangle offers market making solutions for the token companies willing to:

  • reduce spread across the exchanges

  • generate significant trading volumes

  • improve the token liquidity

ICO Triangle’s algorithms provide fast arbitrage trading over multiple order books, to optimize price and liquidity.

We provide access to a wide range of market makers’ algorithms by dealing with trusted partners.