ICO Triangle helps companies to achieve their fundraising target by connecting the projects directly to its own investors’ database (30,000 investors).

ICO Triangle supports its clients’ token sales with the following services:

  • Pitch deck

  • Token Private Sale

  • Token Bonus & discount specifications

  • Lockup / vesting specifications

  • Token presale

  • Initial Exchanges Offering (IEO)

  • Trading Competitions

  • Hedging Token Sale

  • Market Making

  • Strategic Partnership

  • Token Data Listing

  • Social Marketing

  • PR & Media

  • Airdrop & Bounty

Token Private Sale

ICO Triangle has direct access to a vast pool of blockchain Investors such as Crypto Hedge Funds, blockchain Private Equity Firms, blockchain operators, and qualified investors. Private sales are strictly reserved for accredited investors and companies stakeholders.

Presale & Initial Exchange Offering

ICO Triangle is a prescriber for several crypto exchanges for token sales conducted directly on the exchanges.

Only high-quality projects are selected for token sale on exchanges, usually with a minimum $1million token allocation reserved to their verified traders.

Token Public Sale

Regarding public token sale, we do not address investors from the following jurisdictions: the USA, China, South Korea, and FATF’s ongoing global AML/CFT compliance process or list as part of ‘Prohibited Jurisdictions’.

Security Tokens Offering STO

ICO Triangle provides extensive legal expertise through trusted partners, as to sell securities, the company must register with the financial regulators of every targetted jurisdiction. We collaborate with several fully compliant security token exchanges.

Please find below a summary of the US securities regulations that token sellers should be aware of:


Regulation D

Some security tokens are eligible for Form D. You can electronically file Form D with the SEC to avoid being registered. The form can be filed after the securities have been sold. In order for your security token sale to qualify for a Form D submission, your sale needs to meet the requirements of Section 506c. A 506c-compliant token sale is one where investors are accredited and where the information provided to investors is “free from false or misleading statements”. Many investors are also prohibited from selling their ownership stake for at least 12 months after their initial purchase.

Regulation A+

This regulation is another exemption available to certain security token sellers. Under Regulation A+, companies can offer security qualified with the SEC to non-accredited investors through a general solicitation for up to $50,000,000 in investment. Regulation A+ requires users to register their token as a security, and security registration also requires an audit, which is why this regulation takes longer than other offerings.

Regulation S

Certain security token sales will qualify for Regulation S, which is when an offering of securities is executed in a country outside of the United States and is therefore exempt from the registration requirement. However, the company running the security token sale must still abide by appropriate securities laws in the country in which they are offering the security.